CIMULACT: Highlights & full report from the Online Consultation

The online consultation Research for Society engaged citizens from 30 countries, together with researchers, stakeholders and policy makers in redefining the European Research and lnnovation agenda to make it more accountable. 3,458 respondents evaluated and enriched, according to their interests and expertise, 48 proposed research programmes

Prospectiva designed and implemented the online consultation platform, with interfaces in 30 languages. The consultation approach is based on the Dynamic Argumentative Delphi (DAD), which Prospectiva has tested in two large-scale foresight exercises.

In light of the online consultation, the top 5 proposed research programmes by average importance, assigned by Europeans in 30 countries are:

  1. Top trending: at one with nature
    Develop approaches for promoting “green” living to encourage more people to adopt ecological life-styles.
  2. Ecological future education
    Develop training programmes and education on ecology and future-thinking for citizens, policy makers and civil cervants to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.
  3. Good food research
    Intensify food inovation and research and increase public knowledge on sustainability, health and nutrition to affect food behaviours in a positive way.
  4. Beyond energy efficiency: reduce consumption through structural design and behaviour
    Explore ways to bring about behaviour change and exploit technological innovation and integrated planning to increase energy sufficiency.
  5. Quantitative person-centred health
    Explore conditions for innovative, personalised and human-centric services for health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.