Our recent work in international projects

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Science, technology, and innovation (STI) for ecosystem performance
The vision of the project “S&T&I FOR 2050. Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecosystem Performance – Accelerating Sustainability Transitions” is driven by the desire for STI efforts to place ecosystem performance on par with human performance. This broadens the focus of STI to encompass multiple conceptualisations of human-nature relations and to contribute to sustainability transitions. The project's overarching goal is to identify and map future scientific and technological developments, which can radically improve ecosystem performance. In doing so, the project provides reflections on the 2nd strategic plan of Horizon Europe (HE), in its broad direction to support the Sustainable Development Goals.
Vision and scenario building for 2035 – Fishing and aquaculture in Romania
Institutul de Prospectiva is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture in Romania in its current efforts to build its sectoral strategy […]
Conference on the Future of Europe
The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique and timely opportunity for European citizens to debate on Europe’s […]
Reimagining the Food System: scanning the horizon for emerging social innovations
The project uses a bottom-up approach to investigate emerging food system practices and behaviours, with emphasis on social innovation, across the entire food chain, from production, processing and manufacturing, through supply, retail and services, to consumption and waste management.
S&T&I FOR 2050. Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecosystem Performance – Accelerating Sustainability Transitions
The aim of the project is the “identification and mapping of future scientific and technological developments that can radically improve […]
The overarching objective of BOHEMIA (Beyond the Horizon: Foresight in Support of the Preparation of the European Union’s Future Policy in Research and Innovation) is to identify priorities and themes for Future European R&I policy and to provide a description of the issues that should be addressed by R&I policy and funding. The time horizon considered in the project is 2040.
Social Business Initiative (SBI) Follow-Up: Co-operation between Social Economy Enterprises and Traditional Enterprises
The Social Business Initiative adopted by the European Commission in 2011 aims to create a favourable environment for the development of social business in Europe, and of the social economy at large.
RIBRI – Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer
The goal of this project is to identify 100 technological innovation opportunities for Europe and the world by confronting 100+ emerging Radical Innovation Breakthroughs (RIBs) with 20-25 Global Value Networks (GVNs).
Citizens provide concrete input for the European Union’s research and innovation agenda.