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Read our new paper: “Transhumanist revolutions”
Our new paper proposes 12 scenarios informed by transhumanism, portraying futures in which the human condition – our bodies, functions, and lives – and the features of societies are fundamentally transformed by technology.
Read our new paper: “Data as representation”
What is data? How is data relevant for human and natural ecosystems? The answers depend on the perspective – in a recent paper we propose three scenarios, going from techno-optimism, to equal species recognition, to the philosophy of biocentrism.
Press release: New directions for involving citizens in research and innovations agendas
Setting directions for research and innovation is usually not a job of citizens. But the CIMULACT project has paved the way for […]
Published book: Advances in the Theory and Practice of Smart Specialization
Regional growth in the European Union hinges to a large extent on smart specialization, a new and exciting theme in […]
CIMULACT: Highlights & full report from the Online Consultation
The online consultation Research for Society engaged citizens from 30 countries, together with researchers, stakeholders and policy makers in redefining the European Research […]
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