About us

Our mission is to stimulate future-awareness aimed at addressing the challenges of contemporary societies. To this end, we design and deploy customised foresight exercises.

Institutul de Prospectiva was founded in 2012 by researchers with a decade or more of professional experience, both practical and academic, in science, innovation and foresight. Starting with 2015, Prospectiva has been involved as core partner (WP leader) in several foresight projects whose main beneficiary is the European Commission.

More recently, Prospectiva has become part of the consortium that was awarded a framework contract for Foresight on Demand in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation Policy (FoD), aimed at offering European Commission services with timely and effective support related to crisis situations, emerging risks, and policy challenges.

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Meet the team

Radu Gheorghiu, Ph.D. President, Founding member
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Dr. Radu Gheorghiu is a foresight practitioner, trainer and theorist committed to promoting future oriented communities. To this end, he has devised a horizon scanning mechanism which combines human evaluators and machine learning, and developed the consultation method Dynamic Argumentative Delphi. Both tools have been extensively used in large scale foresight exercises in Romania and at European level. He coordinated large-scale foresight consultations for the elaboration of three national Research & Innovation strategies in Romania (2006, 2013, 2021), with the former including citizen workshops. He has published on foresight methodologies, including scenario building techniques, and more inspirational materials mostly connected to the future of digital and bionic technologies.

Bianca Dragomir Founding member
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Bianca Dragomir has been working in foresight for the last eight years, contributing to European foresight projects with components related to horizon scanning, scenario and vision building, and large online expert consultations. In addition, Bianca has participated in designing and facilitating face-to-face co-creation workshops in Romania, in fields such as public administration, RDI policy and education, some of which involved citizen engagement.
Her practice in foresight - particularly its functions of imagining and deliberating potential futures - capitalizes on her experience as an academic debater and seasoned trainer: a former national champion and European vice champion, over the last decade she has taught debate to students from Europe, the Middle East, and South-East Asia, and to corporate employees in Romania. In 2015, Bianca was delegated Romania’s youth representative to the United Nations.

Liviu Andreescu, Ph.D. Founding member
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Dr. Liviu Andreescu is Professor of Public Policy with the Faculty of Administration and Business at the University of Bucharest. He is an expert on research and higher education policy and has published extensively in this field, as well as more generally in social and political science. He was one of the core-team contributors to the development of Romania’s national strategy for R&I (2014-2020), and has published on the methodology of such strategy-making processes.

Adrian Curaj, PhD Founding member
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Dr. Adrian Curaj is a former minister of education, science and innovation in Romania. He is currently head of the UNESCO Chair on Science and Innovation Policies at the National University of Political Sciences and Public Administration and has been for many years the director of the Executive Agency for Funding Higher Education, Research, Development an Innovation. Adrian has been working as a consultant with the World Bank, UNESCO, UNIDO, ETF and EC for studies in Tertiary Education, Science and Innovation, and Foresight. He has been actively involved as project/country/or group leader in many research projects (including FP7, H2020, SEE, INTERREG projects). He published in foresight, higher education, as well as science and innovation policies. He was the initiator of the Bologna Process Researchers Conferences (2011, 2014, 2017). Adrian is also a fellow to the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS).